Satin Pillowcase

Fall asleep comfortably with this satin pillowcase.


This luxurious polyester satin pillowcase will make you forget about all the others. There is nothing quite like the look and feel of satin, and if you want to maximize your sleep comfort, while feeling like royalty, you can easily transform a standard pillow into your all-time favorite pillow to sleep on.

Our luxurious satin pillowcase is made from a blend of quality polyester and satin. This blend creates a pillowcase that is easy to clean, durable and silky soft to the touch. Once you see this pillowcase in person, you may want to get more to ensure you always have them available for every season.

Another reason to switch to satin pillowcases is to prevent a nice hairdo from turning messy overnight. Satin material is known for being gentle on all types of hair. It’s particularly great for helping to preserve those curly hairstyles. Choose from three pillow sizes: standard, queen and king; and three colors: blue, ivory and white.
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