Clear Water Universal Water Filters , Set of 2

Keep your tap water fresh and clean.


Designed to work with the Clear Water Filtration Pitcher by Home Marketplace (sold separately), these replacement Clear Water universal water filter cartridges offer a 4-stage ionic filtration system to remove harmful contaminants from tap water. Step 1 features a micro net to eliminate suspended particles. Step 2 features ion-exchange resin to remove heavy metals like lead, camium, copper, mercury and aluminum while eliminating lime scale and retaining calcium magnesium and mineral substance. Step 3 has a silver-activated carbon to remove chlorine taste and unpleasant odor, helping avoid bacteria to improve the taste of your water. Step 4 utilizes a micro net at the base to provide the final stage of filtration. Also compatible with most standard water filter systems, these water purifier filters help you enjoy healthy, great tasting water, right from your own kitchen sink! Set of 2.
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