Elastic Edge Bowl Covers Set/50

Elastic edging ensures plastic bowl covers fit snugly.


Are you tired of fussing around with sticky plastic wrap that never seems to seal as tightly as you’d like? Or how about going through rolls of aluminum foil that you’d rather save for cooking and baking instead of using it to wrap food for storage? Get ready to change the way you think about wrapping food because these Elastic Plastic Bowl Covers are the modern way to keep food fresh and protected for days in the refrigerator.

These flexible bowl covers with elastic are the kind of kitchen accessory that you are going to find yourself using often, and you may vow to never use old-fashioned plastic wrap again. These elasticized food covers are made with thin, safe plastic that you can see through. With five different size options, including everything from large to small elastic food covers, you are sure to find a cover that works with various bowl, plate and container sizes. These reusable bowl covers can quickly be washed by hand and dried for the next use.
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