Senior B Adult Incontinence Rash Cream

Protect your skin and keep it looking healthy.


Senior B Adult Incontinence Rash Cream is a doctor-developed formula created to help protect the skin from irritations that can be uncomfortable. When applied to the skin it immediately forms a barrier to protect the skin and keep it healthy, and this alleviates them possible need for prescription medication.

This adult diaper rash cream helps prevent rash, chafing and other skin irritation due to exposure to moisture. Apply the adult diaper rash cream to areas where it’s needed the most, and then allow its powerful active ingredients get to work neutralizing acidic urine, inhibiting fungi growth and restoring skin to its natural pH level. Senior B adult diaper rash cream is fragrance-free, and it includes the active ingredient zinc acetate 0.2%, along with rich moisturizers and emollients to help keep skin soft and supple. One tube contains 2.6 oz.
Water, aluminum chlorohydrate, mineral oil, propylene glycol, glyceryl stearate and PEG-100 stearate, cetearyl alcohol, petrolatum, cetyl alcohol, PEG-40 stearate, lanolin, sorbitan stearate, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben
Clean the area; allow to dry. Apply liberally to areas as needed.
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