Scented Hygiene Bags

Block odors and discreetly dispose of incontinence undergarments.



Maintain dignity and discretion while managing incontinence with Heaven Scent® scented hygiene bags, designed specifically for the discreet disposal of used bladder control products. Constructed from durable plastic, these fragranced hygiene bags provide an effective solution for disposing of both incontinence pads and underwear seamlessly. Each bag is infused with a powder-fresh scent, masterfully engineered to neutralize unpleasant odors and ensure that unwanted smells are kept at bay without resorting to additional perfumed products.

These pad disposal bags not only conceal odors but also come in a subtle blue shade, enhancing privacy during disposal moments—perfectly aligning with the needs of those prioritizing inconspicuousness in their incontinence care routine.

Packaged conveniently with 50 easy-tie scented sanitary napkin disposal bags per box, each equipped with a pop-up top dispenser allowing quick access whenever needed. These compact and portable fragrance-infused polyethylene bags include tie handles, elevating user experience by offering secure closure mechanisms that further impede odor escape.

Ideal for home use or on-the-move scenarios alike—whether you're traveling or simply engaging in day-to-day activities—the practicality of Heaven Scent hygiene bags transforms what could be challenging situations into manageable ones. Their blend of strength, scent-control technology, discretion through coloring choices alongside tying features culminates into an indispensable resource within any personal care regimen involving pad or underwear changes due to incontinence concerns.

Polyethylene bag, Fragrance
For best results, place used product in bag, tie bag handles together tightly and place in proper receptacle.
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