EZ Grip Side Cut Toenail Clippers

Accurate clipping every time without the awkwardness.


Nail clippers are an essential personal care item to have around for nail grooming and upkeep. However, when it comes to using the standard type of toenail clippers, they can be difficult to use because of the amount of pressure needed to cut thicker nails on the foot. These EZ Grip side-cut clippers are specially designed for clipping your toenails. Side nail clippers offer an alternative clipper design that places the clipper head at the side, instead of the front, and that small change is enough to make them easier to reach every toenail. These side-cut toenail clippers prove that the clipper’s angle can make all the difference when it comes to ease of use.

Are you looking for the best nail clippers for cutting your toenails more quickly and easily? Toss away your old clippers and replace them with these long-handled toenail clippers with finger loops. EZ Grip Side-Cut Toenail Clippers are the same type of podiatrist-recommended toenail clippers used by professionals and their patients. The chrome-plated carbon steel clippers measure 4 1/2 inches in length.
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