Beautyful™ Nail Pro Replacement Heads

Replacement heads for your Beautyful™ 5-in-1 Easy Grip Cordless Nail Pro.


Set of 5 replacement heads for 372874 Beautyful™ 5-in-1 Easy Grip Cordless Nail Pro. Includes nail grinding cylinder, small grinding cylinder, grinding cone, felt cone and fine emery. Nail grinding cylinder: to gently flatten nail surface and shape the nails, even overly thick toenails. Small grinding cylinder: to smooth and shape nails for a professional look. Grinding cone: to flatten nail surfaces, especially useful for corners. Felt Cone: for smoothing and polishing rough edges and final polishing of bare nails. Fine emery: for removing dead skin and calluses on and around the nails. May also be used to smooth away hard rough skin on heels and toes.
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