Silicone Convertible Cooking and Cooling Rack

Safeguards kitchen surfaces from messes.


This versatile, heat-resistant silicone rack converts from oven rack to pressure cooker rack or countertop trivet—preventing delicate foods from sticking with its non-stick open surface. The flexible baking rack's shape easily converts from round to rectangular, so it functions as an oven rack for bacon, keeps delicate seafood safe in your pressure cooker, or protects countertops and tables from hot dishes when used as a trivet or cooling rack. A smart solution for quick healthy cooking, this 100% silicone cooling rack takes on multiple tasks then stores in minimal space, making it great for dorms, cottages, RVs, small kitchens or any kitchen! Dishwasher safe cooling tray. 7 1/2" x 7" x 1".
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