Waterproof Adult Bibs

Reusable waterproof bib keeps clothing clean and dry.


Adults who are not able to eat a meal without spilling food on their clothing require a way to protect that clothing during mealtime. Bibs for adults are a wonderful way to resolve this issue for the person eating and for anyone who is a caretaker. Having a plastic adult bib ready to use is much better than relying on multiple sheets of paper towels or wasting countless napkins. Paper products are often no match for certain foods, and they can easily fall off, interrupting the eating process.

Easy Comforts is pleased to provide a great answer for those wondering, “Where can I buy adult bibs?”

We go beyond offering just any old bibs for adults who need them. These are adult washable bibs that are the easiest to clean and reuse. Constructed of durable nylon material, the bib covers a wide area of the front, and includes a spacious crumb-catching pocket at the bottom. The wide neck strap includes hook-and-loop fasteners for easy adjustment.
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