Posture Magic

Improve posture and reduce muscle tension & back pain.


Posture Magic™ is your foundation for a straight, healthy back and core. By gently pulling back your shoulders and aligning your spine, it improves posture to help reduce muscle tension, back pain, stooping and slouching. The posture support can be worn under or over clothing for a slimmer, straighter look. Simply slide on shoulder straps and adjust waist and shoulders for a perfect fit, ensuring the protective center panel is cushioning your lower spine. This back posture corrector is ideal for men and women, it fits waists 22"–55". 80% polyester/10% elastane/10% EVA.

How to properly fit & use your Posture Magic:
The Posture Magic can be worn under or over your clothing. We suggest that you first wear the belt initially for 30 minutes to get used to wearing Posture Magic. Then, wear the belt as often as you require.

    1. Wear something light, so that your lower back and front is clear of bulky clothing.2. Place the shoulder straps comfortably over your shoulders.
    3. Adjust each strap so that the waist band falls directly above your belt line.
    4. When you fasten the belt around your waist, please ensure that the green nodules are placed against your back.
    5. Position the belt so that the protective center panel is placed against your lower spine.
    6. Close the belt around your waist using the hook and loop closure pads in the front. Ensure it is a snug fit, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.
    7. Ensure the belt and shoulder straps are not too tight.

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