The Elyte brand is known worldwide for its adherence to high quality standards in the manufacture of incontinence products. They are a top brand in every category that counts: design, comfort, product use, reliability and customer satisfaction. The brand uses its patented technology to ensure wetness is pH neutralized.


At Easy Comforts™, it’s common to find the brand’s familiar purple and pink packaging offering normal absorbency, extra absorbency and super absorbency incontinence pads.

Reliable Comfort & Absorption


Elyte delivers on what customers using incontinence pads want most: comfort. They do so because Elyte pads are made of 100% cotton (including the lining), a soothing natural material that allows skin to breathe. That’s a big plus when wearing pads during a busy day. Absorbency is excellent and there is no odor, only a fresh feeling throughout the day.


Looking for hypoallergenic incontinence underwear protection? Elyte pads are a great solution for those who need sensitive skin incontinence pads. There is no fragrance added and no chlorine used in the manufacturing process.


Other Notable Features by Elyte

This brand is a good choice for those seeking a discreet, slender pad style. The pads are contoured to fit a woman’s shape and the adhesive strip on the back of the pad lining holds firm. Pads come individually wrapped for protection, and they’re easy to carry in a bag or purse.

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When you want superior quality incontinence pads for women, Elyte incontinence pads are for you. This brand makes incontinence pads that complement your active lifestyle. These pads are contoured just right to fit your curves, and like pads you may already be familiar with, they use a strong adhesive strip for a more secure fit. Cotton pads are easy to wear, and they feel so good next to your skin. Pad thickness is enough to absorb liquid while still giving you enough space for freedom of movement. Designed for your peace of mind, we offer Elyte incontinence pads in various package quantities. Stock up by selecting bulk packages and save.

Discreet Protection When Needed

It’s not just about selecting a quality pad for incontinence — you want to be sure that the pads you choose can be worn discreetly underneath clothing. Elyte incontinence pads are designed in a way that complements your body, and once secured in place, they stay put until you remove them. Freely go about your daily routine, knowing that you are fully protected from embarrassing leaks. These premium pads can be worn daily or whenever there’s an urgent need for absorbent protection.

Safe for Sensitive Skin

Elyte incontinence pads are made of 100% natural cotton. There is no synthetic material touching your skin that may cause irritation. The top layer of cotton padding feels smooth and soft against your skin, and they are so comfortable, you may forget you’re wearing them. Cotton also keeps you feeling drier, which is another reason to switch to this brand.

Regular or Booster Style

Are you looking for comfortable pads to wear with other incontinence protection? Elyte booster pads are designed to give you that extra boost of protective confidence you desire. Made of soft 100% cotton, they feature a slender design that locks in moisture and odors. Order in standard or bulk quantities here if you prefer to.

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