Tummy Shapewear

Slim, all-in-one tummy shapewear.


Get ready to have a slimmer silhouette without having to do anything but put on a pair of well-designed shapewear. Will shapewear reduce tummy fat? This tummy shaper underwear is intended to provide gentle shaping of the abdominal area, and results vary, depending on each person’s unique physique. Made of nylon and spandex, it offers a lightweight and comfortable fit for most, and can be worn as enhanced underwear.

The V-shape elastic support band covers a wide section of the tummy at just the right angles to create a good slimming effect. This band also provides additional support for other areas, such as the lower back. You may experience a reduction of lower back stress and discomfort while wearing this slimming undergarment. For best results, you can adjust the support band that works in tandem with the self-fastening back closure to get a customized fit. This tummy shapewear for women never rolls or gets into awkward binds, making it a great choice for all-day wear. Choose from sizes medium to 3XL.
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