Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp

Portable and convenient ramp provides independence for those with limited mobility.



Searching for a portable wheelchair ramp? Let's introduce you to our Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp. This isn't just any accessibility aid; it's your bridge to freedom and mobility! Constructed from durable materials, this adjustable wheelchair ramp offers sturdiness and portability in one package. Compact yet robust, our ramp is perfect for all types of wheelchairs. It features an adjustable length that accommodates different height requirements - making every trip out easier than before! Plus, the anti-slip surface ensures safe passage each time. There’s more: Our ramp can be quickly folded up into its compact size for storage or transport - meaning taking it on-the-go is never a hassle! To wrap things up: If reliability joined hands with convenience – their offspring would be our Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp! It’s not just equipment; it broadens your world—providing support whenever required.

Lightweight ramps weigh a mere 6 pounds each and come with a handy carry bag. Ramps measure 7" W; adjust from 3' to 5' L. Weight capacity is 660 pounds (330 pounds per ramp). No express shipping. *Add $5.00 to shipping.

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