iHEARtest™ Home Hearing Test


The iHEARtest™ Home Hearing Test Kit includes everything you need to accurately test your hearing from the safety and comfort of your home. The calibrated earphones are specially designed to ensure accuracy, and can automatically sense ambient noise levels so they won’t interfere with your test. The_iHEARtest™ scores your Hearing Number™ in each ear on a scale from 1 to 5 based on World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines. Includes 5 credits for up to 5 users to test their hearing, or for a single user to take multiple annual screenings. This handy kit includes everything you need: calibrated earphones, assorted ear tips, iHEARtest™ software, USB cable and user-friendly guide. Software is Windows and Mac compatible.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
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