Power Ear™ Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Enjoy hearing voices and speech, not background noise with this Power Ear Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aid.


Get improved hearing results with the Power Ear™ Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aid. The Power Ear uses the latest advanced digital noise reduction technology to help you hear better. The Power Ear hearing aid puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to adjustability. This innovative device features nine high and low frequency bandwidths and power settings, giving you a lot more freedom to customize your hearing experience. Some Power Ear hearing aid users have taken to calling it “my power ear” because of its wide range of customization options that make it truly your own. With the Power Ear, you too can create a uniquely personal “my power ear” experience by adjusting amplification to suit your individual needs. Imagine being able to choose from a total of 81 possible amplification combinations. Feel free to experiment with these settings to achieve optimal customized amplification.

Digital hearing aids such as this one offer a unique, individualized experience. While you’re here, you can read Power Ear reviews to learn why other people love their Power Ear hearing aid.

Digital amplification is the new frontier, and this advanced hearing aid is another great example of how innovation makes hearing aids easier to use and more affordable. It has a sleek, modern design and it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This digitalized hearing aid can also be worn in the right or left ear. The Deluxe set includes one Power Ear device, four sound-filtering ear protectors, one USB charger, one cleaning brush and instructions.
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