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  3. Pressure Reducing Cushion for Wheelchairs-359267 Pressure Reducing Cushion for Wheelchairs-359267
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  5. Sherpa Wheelchair Armrest Cover Set 2-331837 Sherpa Wheelchair Armrest Cover Set 2-331837
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  7. Transport Chair and Rollator in 1-348709 Transport Chair and Rollator in 1-348709
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A transport chair or wheelchair can make all the difference when it comes to your comfort, mobility and quality of life. This essential tool can help you go places that you normally wouldn’t be able to go and be much more comfortable than you would be otherwise. When shopping for a new wheelchair, you typically have three different options: a lightweight transport chair, a full-size wheelchair and a hybrid of the two. All three options have their different benefits and setbacks that you’ll need to consider before making a purchase.

Lightweight Transport Chairs

The transport chair is a smaller, more compact version of a full-size wheelchair. It typically features a lightweight aluminum frame to keep the overall weight down. These chairs are usually equipped with smaller, less complex wheels. They also lack the ability to be self-propelled. This kind of chair is made to be pushed by one person while another sits in the seat. The compact design makes this chair more convenient for travel and is better suited for day trips or shorter recovery periods rather than everyday use.

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

If you need to be able to control your own movements or you know that you will be confined to a wheelchair for a long time, a full-size wheelchair is the best option for you. These classic wheelchairs can be self-propelled and typically feature larger, sturdier wheels that can handle different terrain. They also usually include more comfort features such as added padding and elevated leg rests. Keep in mind that these chairs are almost always heavier, making them a bit more unwieldy for travel.

Transport Chair–Wheelchair Hybrids

Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid transport and wheelchair. These chairs sometimes combine the lighter-weight aluminum frame with more classic comfort features, resulting in a chair that weighs more than a transport chair but less than a full-size wheelchair. Choose this option if you want the most versatile chair available.