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  3. Transport Chair and Rollator in 1-348709 Transport Chair and Rollator in 1-348709
    2 Options Available

  4. Durable Steel Rollator-345607 Durable Steel Rollator-345607
    2 Options Available

  5. 354774

  6. Aluminum Lite 4-Wheel Rollator-354207 Aluminum Lite 4-Wheel Rollator-354207
    4 Options Available

  7. 354772

  8. Euro-Style Rollator-354208 Euro-Style Rollator-354208
    2 Options Available

    189.99 169.99
  9. Wide Height-Adjustable Rollator-352816 Wide Height-Adjustable Rollator-352816
    3 Options Available

  10. EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator-369171 EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator-369171
    3 Options Available


Enjoy enhanced mobility with the convenience of a rollator walker from Easy Comforts. With a variety of rollators boasting different features, materials and sizes, you’re likely to find one that suits your specific wants and needs. Choose from a vast selection that includes options that range from aluminum lightweight rollators to steel heavy duty rollators, from transport rollators to a 4-wheel walker with seat and brakes. If a rollator walker with seat is what you need, you’ll find several options available. Some of them double as a rollator and transport chair, letting you choose the mode of movement that’s most convenient at the moment.

Find the Size & Features You Need
You’ll find standard sizes for adults, along with wide height-adjustable versions if you need a bit more room on the go. A lightweight rollator made of aluminum is ideal for quick and convenient travel, while our heavy-duty rollator is crafted out of steel for increased durability. Whichever material you select, our rollator transport chairs can be folded down into a convenient size for easy storage when you’re on the road from one destination to the next. You’ll find additional features on specific models, including a rollator basket, under-seat storage pouch, ergonomic handles and locking, quick-stop loop brakes.

Styles to Suit You
Depending on the style you select, you may also find adjustable-height handles, handle reflectors, seats with backrests, and swing-away detachable footrests. Smooth-rolling wheels make select rollators ideal for indoor or outdoor use, giving you the widest possible range. You can also choose between the standard 4-wheel walker or a 3-wheel walker that provides a more precise turning mechanism. Whether you want a rollator walker for supermarket trips, outings to the park, or for moving around your home, Easy Comforts is the place to find it. Shop our selection now.