Wood Grain Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover

Make an ordinary table look like hardwood.


Are you longing to give a round or oval table a makeover, but you don’t want to deal with varnishes or paints? Elasticized tablecloths like our Wood Grain Fitted Table Cover are a wonderful alternative. This wood grain vinyl elastic table cover is made of strong, durable vinyl but it has the appearance of smooth wood, and when it’s secured to the table, this elastic tablecloth can completely transform it in an instant. How’s that for a furniture makeover?

With an elasticized table cover, you can create a tabletop that complements any type of room décor. But that transformation is temporary, and you always have the option of removing it whenever you like. These elastic table covers are available in round and oval tablecloth options in standard sizes that fit most tables. You can easily create a beautiful-looking table for indoors and outdoors. Also, you can choose this vinyl table cover in oak, mahogany and pine colors. Like this product? Browse other useful kitchen accessories.
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