Walker Gliding Skis

Maneuver smoothly over any surface with durable walker glides.


Do you have difficulty maneuvering your walking smoothly over most surfaces? Are you worried about damaging your floors with your walker? Now, your walker can glide over most surfaces with ease, restoring your independent lifestyle and making getting around an absolute breeze. Simply add these durable, easy-to-install walker gliding skis to the rear tips of your walker, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying smooth, quiet maneuvering on carpeting, grass, concrete, dirt, and more. The innovative design of these walker ski glides allows your walk to glide easily on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, while the smooth plastic helps protect flooring from unsightly scratches and dings. A combination of high-quality rubber and plastic ensures excellent strength and durability, making this set of walker ski glides an excellent value. Each set includes two walker skis that easily fit over the rear tips of most standard-design walkers. Reduce your risk of falls and enjoy independent living with these inexpensive walker gliding skis.
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