Tummy Liners with Anti-Slip Comfort Dots, Set of 2

Help keep skin healthy and comfortable.


Are you tired of using your clothing to try to remove moisture from underneath the fold in your stomach? These tummy liners offer a better way to remove moisture, and they don’t require using a shirt, paper towel or washcloth to keep the area dry. These innovative liners are made from 100% cotton, a highly absorbent, natural material that feels soft next to the skin. Each liner has a slender profile and curves ever so slightly to conform to the lower stomach. No more ripping off pieces of paper towel and sticking them in the fold, hoping they’ll stay put!

Instead, these convenient tummy liners include rows of tiny rubber dots at each end. The dots are there to help the liner stay securely in place. Use these stomach liners to help keep moisture from accumulating in this delicate area, and to help prevent skin irritation. Each package contains two reusable liners, available in sizes Medium, Large, XL and 2XL.
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