Tricot Hairdo Savers Set of 2

Save your hairdo with these soft nylon tricot sleeping caps!


Are you tired of having to redo your hairstyle every morning as you get ready for the day? If only there was an easy way to keep your hair in place during the night. That’s exactly what these Tricot Hairdo Savers are designed to do: protect your hairdo as you sleep.

These sleep caps are a proven solution for preventing hair from directly hitting the pillow, which can cause friction each time you move your head. Made of lightweight nylon material, these hair bonnets have sturdy elastic edging that stretches so you can easily put them on and take them off.

The expanding elastic accommodates most head sizes, and there is enough room inside the caps to hold all sorts of hairdos in place. The Hairdo Savers can be worn over loose hair, curlers and braids. This set includes two hair savers – one pink and one white.
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