Telescopic Tub & Wall Scrubber

Reaches every angle so you don't have to bend and strain.


Are you tired of having to bend over repeatedly while cleaning out the bathtub or shower stall? Well, there’s no need for you to keep bending over anymore. This Telescopic Tub and Wall Scrubber is one of the best bathroom accessories you can have for your home. For easier cleaning, this scrubber for walls and more comes with a long handle that is attached to an even longer exterior plastic handle. This gives you an immediate 24-inch reach advantage before you even begin cleaning. Most household wall scrubbers stop there, but this wall scrub brush offers much more in the way of length.

How much? You can extend the scrubber’s handle as far as 34 inches. How’s that for extended reach? The telescoping feature makes it easier for you to clean the bathroom walls, as well as the entire tub or shower stall without overexerting yourself. No more bending and no more straining to reach every inch of tub and wall surface. Foam and microfiber refill sponges are available – stock up on sponges to ensure you always have a replacement ready to go!
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