Swivel Seat Cushion

Eliminate anxiety over safely getting in and out of vehicles.


Eliminate anxiety over getting in and out of cars, trucks and SUVs with this easy-to-use swivel car seat cushion. Designed as a convenient swivel base car seat, this round cushion can rotate a full 360 degrees on its sturdily crafted base. As soon as you sit down on its supportive surface, the swivel motion gently turns your body toward the car door or toward the front.

This 360-degree rotating seat cushion is helpful for those who have just had surgery or those with limited mobility, or just for people looking for a more comfortable experience when sitting in a vehicle. This seat cushion is part of our Auto & Travel collection of products designed to make travelling more comfortable and convenient.

This swivel car seat cushion fits a wide range of car seats, and it can hold weight up to 300 pounds. Because it's portable, you can easily transfer it to another vehicle. A stylish cover conceals the comfy cushion. Choose black leatherette or gray plush.
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