Swing Master™

This "zero-gravity" exerciser helps improve your health without putting stress on your joints or muscles. 



Meet our Swing Master, your new fitness partner. This isn't just any leg swing exercise machine; it's a unique device designed to help improve circulation and tone muscles - because wellness matters! This sturdy yet lightweight tool lets you enjoy an effective workout right from the comfort of your home. The rhythmic swinging motion aids in promoting blood flow and muscle strength. We've made sure this machine is not only functional but also easy to use. Its adjustable speed allows for customized workouts tailored to individual needs and capabilities. But we didn’t stop there – its compact design makes storage a breeze too! Beyond its practicality, we ensured durability too – built for regular use under different conditions. Don't wait any longer; get our Swing Master today and take the first step towards healthier living!p>

The swing master chi machine includes a 6 ft. power cord, a cushioned ankle cradle. For best results, use while laying down. 15" x 10" x 11".

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