Super Big Foot Cane Tip

Super Big Foot cane tip is big on safety and convenience.


It used to be that when you purchased a cane as a mobility aid, you had to settle for the tip that came with it. Luckily, that’s not the case any longer. If you feel that you need a larger cane foot when walking with a cane, extra-large cane tips like the Super Big Foot Cane Tip are available. They can transform the cane feet of any standard-size walking cane instantly.

Our latex-free Super Big Foot Cane Tip is designed with six large rubber cane tips that have built-in flex action that grab onto the surface with every step you take. The larger tip size is ideal for those who want more stability at the cane foot for balance.

There’s another reason why you may prefer walking with a cane that has this big tip attached: It can help your cane stand upright on its own when you’re not using it. Just think about how many times you won’t have to bend over to pick up a fallen cane. The Super Big Foot Cane Tip supports up to 250 pounds and it’s available in black or pink.
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