Step Ladder with Handles by LivingSURE™

Helps you balance for extra safety and support.


Step ladders are among the most convenient household accessories to have around, especially when you need to reach higher shelves or change a lightbulb in a ceiling lamp. They have so many uses, but while some ladders do not include features that can help prevent falls, this ladder with handrails is different.

The LivingSURE™ Step Ladder with Handles makes it easy to find a ladder that’s both convenient and safer to use. With this ladder, you have a choice of a 2-step or 3-step style – just choose which style you prefer. Both step ladder styles include a sturdy grip handle on each side, and both fold flat for easy transport or storage.

In addition, these ladders have a grab bar at the top, making it easier to stabilize your balance at any time. Similar to the folding four-step ladder with handrails by LivingSURE, these two alternative ladder sizes also feature slip-resistant steps and padded feet. The LivingSURE 4-Step Safety Ladder is also available at Easy Comforts.
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