Split-Toe Flip Flop Socks, 1 Pair

Keep feet and ankles protected from dirt, sand, bugs and the elements.


Are you a big fan of wearing flip flops indoors and outdoors? These flip flop socks for sale are the ultimate solution for keeping your feet warmer while protecting your toes. Sometimes called thong socks, these are high-quality socks made from a blend of cotton and spandex. This makes them cozy next to your skin, and flexible too – the spandex allows the socks to stretch just enough to accommodate the natural contours of your feet without losing their structure. The construction of these flip flop socks is every bit as good as that of high-quality regular socks, making them durable for long-term wear.

Can men wear these socks? Yes! They are similar in design to men’s tabi socks, and they are a style of split toe ankle socks that both men and women can comfortably wear. They are also ideal for protecting feet from bug bites while walking outdoors in flip flops. And for those who struggle with second toe friction, they keep the big toe and second toe from rubbing against one another. One size fits most.
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