Snoring Chin Strap

The natural solution for a quieter night’s sleep.


Do you wish you could find a good solution for snoring that doesn’t involve feeling uncomfortable or awkward? Chin straps are a proven way to stop snoring and they don’t require getting used to putting clips into your nostrils or wearing a mouth brace.

Our chin strap for snoring is made from a blend of materials that makes the strap soft and flexible. It stretches to fit each individual, regardless of head size. Both men and women are able to successfully wear this simple chin strap. There are slots for keeping the ears free for normal hearing. Additionally, the bottom of the strap is positioned securely around the chin area, keeping your mouth closed as you sleep.

A quality sleep strap for snoring works by helping you to breathe through your nose, which can cause a significant reduction in snoring. Because everyone is different, the amount of reduced snoring varies. Choose regular (fits 120-240 lbs.) or large (fits 240+ lbs.). Machine wash, tumble dry.
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