Snore Doctor

Gently keeps oral and nasal airways open while you sleep.


Are you determined to do something about your snoring? Snore mouthguards are an ingenious solution to an age-old problem. This smartly designed device addresses the issue of airway obstruction that is the root cause of snoring. The Snore Doctor mouthguard is an FDA-approved, reusable device that is made from high-quality, comfortable material. It is safe to use at night or whenever you sleep.

How does it work? This anti-snore mouthguard gently ensures your oral and nasal airway passages remain open while you sleep. Sometimes the airways just need to be open a bit to allow air to flow through in a steady, reliable stream.

To use this anti-snore device, simply insert it into your mouth before bedtime (or naptime), securing it between the upper and lower teeth. When you wake up, simply remove the snore mouthguard, clean it using the included plastic tab and store it inside its convenient carrying case. One size fits all.
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