Snap Front Bra

Convenient snap on/off ease means no more struggling with tiny hooks.


When reaching behind to hook or undo a bra becomes a task that involves too much discomfort or pain, it’s time to find an alternative bra style that’s doesn’t require a back reach. A bra that snaps in front is a great option because it eliminates the need for stretching and straining your arms and shoulders. If you’ve been looking for the best bras that snaps in front, look no further! Our stylish snap front bra is designed to be comfortable, and that includes comfort while putting it on and taking it off.

Like other snap front bras, this bra features easy-to-reach snaps on the front. The bra snaps are dyed to match the same color of the bra for visual appeal. Also, if you’re not a fan of wired front snap bras but still need good support, this fashionable bra features extra-wide straps and a 1-inch-wide bottom band made of sturdy elastic for added lift. This is a great front closure bra for seniors or anyone with limited dexterity. The stretch cups fit sizes A through DD. Choose your size: S (30-32), M (34-36), L ( 38-40), XL (42-44), 2XL (46-48) or 3XL (50-52). Imported.
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