Sleep Bra

This comfortable bra shapes, lifts, and supports without underwires.


Is it good to sleep in a bra? Sleeping in a bra is an individual decision, and many people successfully sleep with a bra on for years. However, this experience can end in disappointment when you attempt to use a regular bra for this purpose. What’s the difference? Comfort!

While it’s common to doze off for a few minutes or fall asleep for longer periods while still wearing your regular bra, it’s not ideal for getting a good night’s sleep. Regular bras are designed to give your bosom lots of support, especially when you move around. But this kind of support can be uncomfortable when you’re relaxing and trying to sleep.

That’s why it’s essential to wear a night bra like this one, switching from your regular one to a more comfortable bra before bedtime. Made of soft, silky fabric that feels good next to your skin, this is one of the best sleeping bras available. It gently stretches to fit your unique curves, and it has front hooks for quick, easy access. This machine washable night bra is available in sizes 34 to 52 and it comes in 3 fashion colors.
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