Silver Steps™ Wide Calf Compression Socks, 15–20 mmHg

Promotes circulation and relieves edema, swelling, fatigue and discomfort.


Toss those ill-fitting support socks away for good and replace them with better-fitting compression socks for those with XL calves. With wide calf compression socks in your collection, you can more easily manage therapeutic treatment for a variety of common conditions afflicting the legs. They are ideal for helping to reduce swelling in the ankles or legs. They can also be worn to help your legs avoid fatigue from overworked muscles. Or you may want to wear them to help with varicose veins or another issue.

Made of soft, stretchy fabric, these big calf compression socks offer a high level of comfort. The compression range is 15-20 mmHg, a moderate level that energizes as it improves blood circulation. Men and women are able to enjoy wearing this stylish ribbed design with casual or dress outfits. And because they are made by Silver Steps™, they feature quality construction, including 1-inch bands that ensure they remain securely in place. Available in black, navy blue and white.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
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