Silver Steps™ Toe Straightening Wraps, Set of 2

Relieve the constant pain and pressure in your feet caused by hammer toes or other crowded or overlapping toes.


Suffering from the pain and discomfort of a hammer toe? This common condition is caused by rigidity in the toe bone, and unfortunately, it can greatly interfere with your ability to be mobile without feeling pain. Fortunately, toe wraps for hammer toes are simple toe straightening devices designed to provide an easy solution for rigid hammer toes, crowded toes or overlapping toes.

These toe straightening wraps by Silver Steps™ are made from soft foam material that can be worn for long periods of time next to the skin. The goal of the wrap design is to help realign the hammer toe with your other toes, and closures on the wraps make it easy to adjust the wrap to create a unique fit. These toe straightener wraps are thin enough to be worn inside shoes, and their soft material also provides relief for calluses and corns.
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