Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Mary Jane Shoes

These shoes are stylish and exceptionally comfortable, with a spacious interior.


Yes, you can own a pair of comfy Mary Jane shoes when you choose these roomy shoes by Silver Steps. They are brimming with the kind of easy-going style you love, and these shoes go with so many outfits that you can wear them every day, or several times a week, and not skip a fashion beat. What makes these Mary Janes different from others is their all-over comfortable design. In addition to the roominess, the boxed toe front provides plenty of wiggle room for your toes. And getting into them is a breeze thanks to the wide strap that goes across the foot, ending with a cute button-on closure.

Because of their versatility, these may quickly become your go-to shoes for work, running errands or spending time with friends. The thick outsole has a non-slip bottom that allows you to stride with confidence as you walk on walkways, driveways, dirt and grass. If you’re keen to get a pair of black, gray or light blue Mary Jane shoes, check out our fashion colors. Available in sizes 6-11.
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