Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Everyday Clogs

Stay comfortable all day when you wear these Feather Lite everyday clogs for women.


You don’t have to sacrifice foot comfort to wear stylish shoes when you wear Silver Steps™ ultra-comfy everyday clogs. Created to meet women’s daily footwear needs, they offer an alternative to wearing sneakers with laces. They are also a softer and more flexible alternative to traditional clogs.

Feather Lite uppers are made with a material that allows your feet to get good air circulation and excellent toe to heel support. Everyday clogs are constructed in a regular width that is suitable for most. Instead of the traditional open back, these women’s clogs have a supportive open back, keeping your feet securely inside as you walk at your usual pace.

Walk confidently on hard flooring and sidewalks thanks to the thick soles that reinforce the box toe. Non-slip treading on the outsole helps keep you balanced with every step. These fashion clogs are considered the best clogs for women seeking a sporty type of casual shoe that is easy to put on and take off. Choose black, black and white or purple
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