Silver Steps™ Cool & Dry Quarter Cut Diabetic Socks, 3 Pair

Designed for those with diabetes, edema, neuropathy or circulation problems.


Elevate your sock game with our trendsetting Cool & Dry Quarter-Cut Diabetic Socks. These fashion-forward socks feature a loose fit that goes beyond the ordinary, offering unparalleled comfort without compromising style. Made from premium materials including moisture-wicking fabric, these diabetic socks keep your feet dry and fresh. They also help to combat pesky odor-causing bacteria.

With a non-binding top that stays securely in place without causing discomfort, these stylish socks are a game-changer for those with diabetes, neuropathy, edema or other circulatory conditions. Designed for both fashion-savvy women and men, they are big on style and offer unbeatable comfort.

Even on scorching hot days, these socks keep your feet cool and comfortable, making them the ultimate choice for everyday wear. Bid farewell to discomfort and say hello to blissful comfort with these Cool & Dry Quarter-Cut Diabetic Socks. Upgrade your sock collection today and enjoy socks with a design that caters to your delicate feet. Machine wash cold without bleach; tumble dry on low.
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