Silver Steps™ Compression Socks 8–15 mmHg

Light compression provides support throughout the entire foot and calf area.


Easy Comforts compression socks are made from premium quality materials, and this Silver Steps™ style is among our most popular support products. From the tip of the toe to the banding at the top, they offer reliable 8-15 mmHg compression throughout. At this level, you can enjoy boosting circulation in the feet, ankles and lower legs to help improve conditions that cause discomfort.

They can be worn during the day or for part of the day to alleviate aches and fatigue that may come from standing or sitting for long periods of time. Stretchable nylon and spandex feel cozy next to the skin and conform to the shape of your leg. Light compression can also help with mild cases of ankle or leg swelling or provide support for healing from vein conditions.

Their unisex designs mean they can easily be worn by women and men seeking good quality compression socks. Once you put them on, they stay put. Pair them with easy-on shoes for all-day comfort. Available in five fashion colors.
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