Silver Steps™ Compression Socks 8–15 mmHg

Light compression provides support throughout the entire foot and calf area.


Are circulation issues in your legs or feet causing unbearable discomfort during the day and night? Get fast relief and reclaim your peace of mind with our Silver Steps™ compression socks. Designed to be worn by men and women suffering from pain, mild swelling or uncomfortable vericose veins, each pair of socks offers 8-15 mmHg compression. Light compression provides reliable and comfortable support throughout the entire foot and calf area. Of course, comfort is still a main priority when it comes to compression socks, and these are made from stretchable nylon and Spandex. They slip over your aching, tired feet and legs with relative ease and remain securely in place until you remove them. Please review the sizing and select a size that best suits your leg width. With regular wear, your circulation can improve and so can your overall leg health. These quality compression socks come in a range of neutral colors that complement most outfits.
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