Silver Steps™ Compression Pantyhose 15–20 mmHg, 1 Pair

Help keep legs healthy and energized.


Get a higher level of stimulating compression when you wear these 15-20 mmHG compression pantyhose by Silver Steps™, a well-known maker of compression stockings. When you are dealing with issues that cause the legs and feet to swell or cause unsightly veins to develop, 15-20 compression pantyhose like these can make a big difference in remaining comfortably mobile throughout the day. You want stockings that fit well while delivering the compression you need. That’s what makes these Silver Steps pantyhose such a great find.

These sturdy compression Silver Steps tights are made from a quality blend of 84% nylon and 16% spandex. This combination creates just the right amount of strength you desire for compression, while also offering a good amount of stretchiness. To ensure that everyone can get a good fit, these Silver Steps stockings are offered in several standard sizes, including Medium, Tall, Queen and Queen+ options. You can even choose from two fashion colors.
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