Silver Steps™ Comfort Flex Memory Foam Walking Shoe

Relieve the stress on your feet.


Relieve the stress on your feet with Silver Steps Comfort Flex Memory Foam Walking Shoes. These memory foam walking shoes are different than any standard walking shoes thanks to their lightweight design. Slip them on and it’s as if you’re wearing a pair of walking-on-air shoes. This level of comfort is due to an insole constructed of plush memory foam. It’s the same type of material used for making comfortable mattresses and pillows, and now you can get that same type of molded-to-your-foot comfort in a casual shoe. Designed for today’s active lifestyle, comfort flex shoes are easy to slip into and slip out of in bare feet or sock-covered feet.The roomy interior provides breathable comfort for the entire foot, and a square toe allows toes to have freedom of movement. Walking is a sheer pleasure in these cushioned shoes, and the elastic upper features a sporty interwoven design that complements various outfits. Non-slip soles offer security with every step. Choose black or print. Regular width.
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