Silver Steps™ Black Adjustable Edema Slippers

Walk more comfortably when feet are swollen with these high-quality adjustable edema slippers.


There are regular household slippers, and then there are slippers for edema and swollen feet. Whether you’re suffering with edema, diabetes or another condition, having swollen feet means it’s difficult to comfortably wear regular slippers. And walking barefoot around the house can be risky. If you’ve been searching for high-quality slippers made especially for this condition, these adjustable slippers for swollen feet can make a big difference in your overall foot comfort.

Edema slippers are expressly designed to be worn by men and women seeking a comfortable slipper that can be customized to fit, and that’s why these slippers are a great choice. Unlike the broader style selection you get with regular slippers, slippers for swollen feet are typically simple in appearance. That’s because the main focus is on foot comfort. When your feet are swollen, it’s important to wear slippers that are not too tight or awkward fitting. These slippers have a classic, streamlined look and are sure to fit wonderfully.

Another thing to love about these adjustable slippers for swollen feet is their hook-and-loop closure straps that make it easy to customize the fit. And once your feet are snug inside, non-slip treads on the bottom grip surfaces to help keep you stabilized while walking indoors or outside. Choose from sizes small through 3XL.
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