Silver Steps™ Antibacterial Gel Tubing - 1 Pair

Create an instant comfort barrier between toes.


Create an instant barrier between toes on the same foot with this Silver Steps antibacterial gel tubing. This is an ingenious and simple-to-use solution to resolving the pain and discomfort that come from toes rubbing against each other, causing unwanted friction. Constant friction can lead to painful calluses or blisters that make wearing certain types of shoes and walking uncomfortable. Gel tubing can also provide soothing relief for ingrown nails. Crafted of cushiony, flexible material, an elongated tube features a ribbed texture on the outside to maintain a durable and strong barrier between the toes. This ribbing does not interfere with comfort.Inside, the tube features a smooth, gel lining that feels soft against the skin. Each tube can be cut to any desired length for a custom fit. After cutting, simply slip the shortened tubing over the toe. Tubing can be worn over more than one toe, as desired. Reuse tubing as needed. Specify size: Wide (1”dia. x 6” L) or Narrow (3/4”dia. x 6” L). One pair.
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