Silicone Teardrop Breast Form, 1 Form

Help restore your pre-mastectomy appearance without surgery.


Enhance your confidence with our Silicone Teardrop Breast Form, designed to provide a natural look and comfortable fit. This breast form is crafted from high-quality silicone, ensuring a realistic feel and appearance. It features a teardrop shape that extends further on one side, making it perfect for replacing lost underarm or clavicle tissue, while preventing issues such as shoulder drops.

A teardrop shape is the most comfortable style to wear for replacing one or both breasts. The subtle concave back of the breast form molds seamlessly to your chest wall, providing a secure fit that feels like a part of you. The included nipple adds to its lifelike appearance, making you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. You can wear this waterproof breast form on either side. Please note that while the silicone form is waterproof, the fabric cover is not.

This Silicone Teardrop Breast Form is available in sizes four through nine, allowing you to choose the perfect fit. Choose the size that best replicates the density of your natural breast and enjoy the comfort and confidence that comes with a perfect fit.
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