Sherpa Wheelchair Armrest Cover Set 2

Provides added comfort to standard wheelchair armrests.


Add soft comfort and coziness with a set of super-plush polyester shearling wheelchair arm covers from Easy Comforts. Each wheelchair arm cover is designed to attach securely, using hook-and-loop closures for easy, non-slip placement. The sherpa wheelchair armrest covers comfortably cushion and support arms, reducing discomfort, stiffness, and friction. Give your loved one the gift of a sherpa armrest for wheelchair comfort, enhancing their everyday quality of life. Standard metal or plastic wheelchair armrests are transformed into luxuriously soft, comfortable cushions with the addition of these high-quality covers. Sherpa wheelchair arm covers are ideal for both short-term and permanent wheel chair use, and can easily be removed from a wheelchair or transferred to another. When ordering your sherpa armrests, please specify the side you prefer: Small (measuring 10” long) or Large (measuring 14” long). Each package contains one pair of armrest covers. Machine washable for easy care.
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