Shane's World® Finger Massager Sleeve

Delivering the ultimate in pleasure, this finger tickler takes you beyond stimulation.


The finger is arguably the nimblest part of the body and when it comes to accessing the pleasure zone, your finger has amazing abilities. Manual stimulation using the finger can be enhanced with the right kind of intimate toy. This finger massager sleeve by Shane's World® is simple to use and ingenious in its design. Also known as a finger banger or finger tickler, this massager sleeve is made of soft, body-safe silicone material that feels good when rubbed next to delicate areas. It is shaped very much like a real finger, only it’s oversized to fit comfortably over your finger.

A gentle wave of ridges on the front helps to provide accentuated stimulation as you begin using it on yourself or with a partner. Ramp up the thrills when you turn it on to activate the single-speed vibration. This no-fuss finger massage device is sure to inspire a variety of bedroom escapades. Batteries included.
This item is non-returnable.
Must be 18 or older to purchase.
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