Ring Band Size Adjusters Set of 5

Wear rings without the worry of them slipping off your finger.


Worried about losing a wedding ring, or other special ring, because the fit is too loose on your finger? Ring size adjusters offer the perfect alternative solution to going to an expensive jeweler. If you prefer to avoid having the ring resized, this set of ring sizers and adjusters can help make your favorite rings wearable.

Each ring adjuster is made from durable clear vinyl and precision cut into a flat strip of a certain size. In order to accommodate a wide variety of ring sizes, all of the adjusters in the set are of different sizes ranging from 1/8-inch to 3/8-inch. To find the right size for a particular ring, you can test-fit several adjusters to find the one that best fits the ring band’s width.

This set of ring fitters is flexible, and all you have to do is bend them before inserting them inside the ring. A ring resizer can be used with fine jewelry and costume jewelry rings.
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