Recliner Handle Extender

Extends your recliner handle so it's easier to grasp.


Looking for an easier way to recline in a manually operated recliner that has a lever mechanism? You’ve found it! Manual recliner chairs continue to be a popular seating option, and that means that many homes have either a small or standard recliner with a lever handle. Generally, the primary benefits of a manual recliner chair are its comfy seat and the ability to put yourself in a reclining position whenever you like. However, there is a slight drawback with the lever placement: it’s often positioned in a way that requires extra effort to reach.

For some, this may not be an issue, but for others – especially those with arthritis or mobility issues – it can be a real problem. This cleverly designed recliner handle extender is the perfect solution. Made of heavy-duty steel, the solid construction ensures it remains firmly in place after installation, and the wide handle allows for a sure-fire, secure grip. Installation is a breeze, and it fits lever handles from 3/4" wide to 1 1/2" wide.
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