Portable Help Step

Helps you safely navigate doorway thresholds with more confidence.



Introducing our Portable Help Step, your new helping hand. This isn't just any folding step stool; it's a compact solution designed to give you that extra height when needed - because accessibility matters! This sturdy yet lightweight tool lets you reach high shelves or get in and out of vehicles with ease. The design ensures stability while also being simple to fold for storage \u2013 making your life easier! We've made sure this portable step is not only functional but also safe. Its non-slip surface helps prevent accidents by providing secure footing each time you use it. Beyond its practicality, we ensured durability too – built from robust materials for regular use under different conditions. Don't wait any longer; get our Portable Help Step today and enjoy the benefits of having things within easy reach!

Crafted of strong plastic material, this block step creates an additional 4" of height, forming a stable platform for 1 or 2 ft.. When not in use, this handy step easily folds flat, and the built-in carry handle makes it a cinch to travel with.

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