Plush Adjustable Slipper

Adjustable indoor / outdoor slippers for swollen feet.


Say goodbye to regular slippers that no longer fit comfortably and hello to this ultimate-comfort plush slipper style. Designed with total foot comfort in mind, this slipper gives you maximum ability to adjust the entire slipper to the contours of your unique foot. They are excellent for those times when one or both feet are swollen at different levels, and you need something better than “one-size fits all” plush shoes. Whether you’re looking for adjustable plush slippers in women’s sizes or superior-fitting plush slippers for adults with foot issues, these cozy slippers are top-notch for both men and women who suffer from swollen feet.

Great construction is evident with the sturdiness of the solid upper, which features two built-in hook-and-loop closures. Adjust the front closure to customize how loose or tight the front portion of the slipper fits on each foot. If needed, adjust the back closure to fit more securely around your heel for greater walking stability. Alternatively, the heel closure can be loosened if there is discomfort in this area.

The plush slipper interior has fleece and memory foam insoles, which makes walking in them a dream. Rubber soles keep you steady on your feet. These slippers are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.
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