Plastic Gloves 100 Pack

Multi purpose hand protection for everyday use.


Keeping your hands protected indoors and outside is easy when you have supplies of our disposable all-purpose white plastic gloves. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to have a reliable supply of plastic gloves to use for any task that comes up requiring hand protection. These gloves are suitable for wearing while doing the dishes and other general cleaning tasks that involve the use of cleansers and cleaning solutions. Protect your hands from coming into contact with heavy dyes, such as the ones used for hair coloring or dyes used for clothing and crafts. Men and women can wear these one-size-fits-all plastic gloves as double protection from touching surfaces that may contain germs and viruses. They also serve as hand protection while doing meal preparation or yardwork. There are endless uses for these gloves, and Easy Comforts is a reliable source for an ongoing supply. Each pack includes 100 gloves.
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