Personalized Large Print Address Labels - Set of 200

Personalizable easy-to-read extra large font address labels.


You never have to spend time and effort handwriting your return address on envelopes again as long as you have these Large-Print Personalized Mail Labels. When it comes to personal organization items for the home, return address labels are often a must-have item because they are quick and easy to use. However, Easy Comforts is taking this popular label concept a step further by offering you a larger-size font for these return address labels. A bigger label size means that there is plenty of room for the large-print font that makes your name and address easier to read.

Our great-looking personalized return address labels come on a 200-count roll, and you also receive a dispenser box for convenience. Additionally, you can choose a specific color you like for your mailing labels. Available colors are clear, gold, white and rainbow. When ordering, please be sure to double check that all of your personalized information is correct, including spelling and numbers.
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